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COVID-19 Response Plan: SiteM8 provides accurate, reliable contact tracing.

If one person tests positive for COVID-19, all your staff may have to self-isolate. SiteM8 lets your trace exactly who that person came into contact with, so you can keep operating.

Mission critical contact tracing

SiteM8 uses a small, purpose built GPS device which staff wear attached to their PPE or belt. In the event a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, SiteM8 allows you to:

  • Isolate the projects (or areas of a project) in which that worker has been operating in for the past four weeks
  • Analyse historical location data of each worker to quickly identify who they worked within a 5 metre radius of, and how long they were in close contact
Contact tracing

More reliable than mobile tracking

  • Higher GPS accuracy indoors and outdoors
  • Better assurance of network availability
  • Phones can be put down, switched off, run out of data or go flat, causing them to stop tracking
  • SiteM8 battery life lasts 1–2 weeks
  • SiteM8 does not rely on staff keeping their mobile data plan current
  • On mobile devices, location can be faked or the app can be deleted by staff
  • SiteM8 devices can be worn in visible sight
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Timekeeping and H&S Support

The SiteM8 GPS Worksite Tracking System enables fully automated, paperless and administration free timesheets and provides market-leading H&S capability.

SiteM8 Dashboard Timesheets
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