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SiteM8 keeps your staff safer, automates timesheets and saves time and money.

A fully integrated, purpose built GPS system for tracking labour costs, monitoring large numbers of site workers, and keeping them safe.

Manage labour costs in real time

Welcome to the future of on-site time keeping, SiteM8 is a purpose made GPS staff management system that allows you to only pay the true cost of labour.

Being able to accurately gauge daily costs and ensure productivity out of every dollar spent. SiteM8 will increase business efficiency and profitability in ways you would have never thought possible.

  • Automated GPS-based timesheets
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Cost-tracking dashboard
  • SOS Button
  • Auto-alert if person is unconscious

Eliminate manual timekeeping

Paper timesheets are still the most prominent form of time keeping in construction. This is a time consuming method of tracking hours worked and can frequently cause pay discrepancies. SiteM8 means more time for staff to focus on the job, greater productivity and earlier project completion times.

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Improved labour management

Have greater ability to allocate staff from one area to another, identify areas of the project that may be overcrowded or short of labour, and have a greater support system for your management to make the right calls for the success of the project.

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Individual worker profiles

SiteM8 gives you information on each staff member including their experience, trade certificates, safety endorsements and when they expire. This functionality enables on-site management to make executive decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Unrivalled health & safety

Picture being able to ensure all your staff were attending safety/hazard briefings, having historic tracking history of the movements of staff around particular hazards or being able to know in the event of an incident the worker’s actions leading up to the event and who was working in their vicinity at the time.

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