Dynamic worksite mapping and reporting

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SiteM8® is a purpose-built GPS system for tracking labour costs, monitoring large numbers of site workers and keeping them safe.

An integrated system to streamline your worksite



Health and safety

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Save time


Get detailed and accurate tasks and activities, simplify timekeeping and your timesheet approval process.

  • Auto-generate and send weekly timesheets for processing.
  • No chasing timesheets.
  • Reduce administration time.
  • Detailed and accurate TIME spent on activities.
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Save money


Utilise our advanced reporting systems to accurately measure productivity and other metrics.

  • Accurately gauge daily costs and increase profitability with real-time data.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Site productivity heat mapping.
  • Automated social outcome reporting and other reports.
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Save lives


Our advanced site and zone monitoring guarantees no worker is left unaccounted for with precise location, time and close contact data.

  • Location tracking in natural disaster or emergency situations.
  • Industrial pandemic tracing.
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Outcome reporting

We combine our technology with a deep understanding of the construction and infrastructure industries to deliver measurable solutions for businesses and workers.

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All the tools you need

Our wearable technology is constantly evolving and designed to integrate into everyday PPE gear so it becomes invisible and frictionless to the user.

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Industries we work with

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When applied to these industries, SiteM8®’s integrated system can be critical to improving project efficacy through productivity, safety and detail tracking.

Large-scale projects and industries need the best value in the shortest timelines. In fact, they need this more than other industries and sectors, given that funding often comes at the expense of taxpayers.

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